How do I choose an LED Driver?



How do I choose an LED Driver?
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An LED driver can also be known as Electrical Control Gear (ECG), power supply, transformer or converter. An LED driver is used to transform/convert the main AC voltage to DC voltage. UK main AC input voltage is 220 – 240VAC.  It is important to note that the LED strip only works from a DC voltage input supplied by your chosen ECG unit.

Note: When choosing an LED driver, we recommend that you check the AC input voltage of the country that the product will be installed in and make sure that the LED driver covers the AC voltage required. LED drivers with an AC input voltage range of 85-264VAC can be used all over the world.

•  Ensure you check your strip specification and confirm the voltage. 12VDC and 24VDC are the most common for LED strips, occasionally you may find 5VDC or 36VDC

• Always find out the total wattage that is required for the strips before installation

• LED constant voltage drivers are sold separately

• Integral stock a wide range of LED drivers from 20 watts to 320 watts

•  The specification of the driver required will depend on the total power requirement of the connected strip(s)

•  The power output of the driver (wattage) must be at least 10% higher than the total required wattage of the 12VDC strip(s) being powered and 20% higher than the total required wattage of the 24VDC strip(s) being powered

Example 1: If you are installing 5 LED strips (12VDC) of 1 metre each and the power requirement of each 1 metre strip is 6 watts per metre, the total power requirement is 6 watts x 5 metres = 30 watts. The power rating of the driver should be a least 10% above 30W, i.e. a minimum of 33W.




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